Ms. Sesha is not unlike the sun. She brightens the room with her grin, and she radiates warmth and happiness. Leaving the theatre office, you have to blink a few times to adjust to the dimness of the outside world. That’s what Ms. Seshadri Kalimuthu does, creates little worlds that leave you reeling. She has no formal background in theatre, she studied in Broadcasting, working her way up from a production assistant to producing and directing TV shows- until she decided she wanted a change. “I wrote to the Executive Producer of the kuala lumpur performing arts centre to see if there was an opportunity for me to learn how direct in theatre, I thought it would be great to combine the things I knew in broadcast with the stage. I got a response as soon as my email was sent and was asked to come in for an interview, and that was how my theatre background began. I worked as the EP’s Assistant 2008-2010 and I had a great opportunity to learn theatre hands on. I went on to work at PJLA, MYPAA and I’ve freelanced on various different productions, taking various different jobs, from front of house, tech crew, costume assistant, production manager, line prompter…. you name it I’ve probably done it!”

Intrigued by ISKL’s fantastic theatre facilities. Ms. Sesha was amazed that ISKL students have such a nice, well equipped environment to explore and test ourselves in the performing arts. She sees ISKL and the arts as a “forever evolving, growing and developing form,” and thinks that ISKL’s  focus “Should not be improving but to keep on collaborating & creating; this way art will organically improve and thrive.”

Sesha is an avid gardener, the growing of beautiful things and allowing them to thrive is in her nature. She approaches the world and her job this way, hoping to grow with the school, the reputation of the performing arts here, and the students in their creative process. The school’s Thespian society is undergoing a huge metamorphosis as you read this. The society wants to branch out and extend their love for theatre the world over- starting with ISKL students. Sesha plays a huge role in the management of the Thespian society, assisting the officers with the new schedule. The Robert B Gaw theatre crew have new, extensive opportunities for any student even vaguely interested in joining the theatre community. Sesha works alongside Mr. Howe, but has herself been a director, writer and creator of theatre. “I directed my first full length piece after 7 years of working in the industry. I think I have no style; yet. I am learning still how to direct, and I think I will  keep on learning every time I work on a show.”

As she develops her style, ISKL will hopefully benefit. However, her passion extends out the door of the theatre. Ms. Sesha loves music, and painting. She’s the total art package! Her family holds the main piece of her heart, but have no fear, her heart is larger than her smile, and ISKL is tremendously lucky to stand in her light.