Senior Deck

As students walked onto campus on the first day of school, they noticed a lot more space on the decks, and Seniors thought to themselves “Where’s the Senior lounge?” After having been looking forward to it for four long years, many let out a sigh of grief as they quickly realized that the glass walls of the old Senior lounge were plastered over. After wandering over to the Senior deck, they noticed the loud noise of construction next to them. The new Senior deck.

The construction of the deck began over the summer and is expected to be finished by October. It will be where the entrance to the gym used to be, overlooking the field. Due to the crowds cluttering the decks in recent years, it was decided that an expanded deck for the Seniors was necessary. Asuka, ‘16, who has been watching the construction of the new Senior deck from the tables on the current one, was very excited about having more space. “Because our class is bigger this year, it’s really good that they’re putting in a new Senior deck to make room for not only us, but the sophomores and juniors as well. I think it’s going to be a nice change from the old Senior deck.” Though they won’t be done with construction until October, seniors are already excited about their new space. “I’m very excited, I can’t wait until October to get our new Senior deck. It’s going to be refreshing to have all that room.”

Construction has been very smooth so far, and it seems as though they will be able to finish by the time October comes. “I’ve been really impressed with the construction so far. From the time school started, they have com a long way, and I am hopeful it’ll be done by October.”

When asked what he wants in the new Senior deck, Asuka responded “I want there to be a room that can be some kind of a Senior lounge, to relax, do homework, and just hang out.” Andrew Cox, ‘16, a member of STUCO had some extra insight into what was going to be in the new deck. “There’s going to be couches, just places where you can lounge around and hang out. We have asked students what they wanted in the new deck, and are working to get their requests in.” STUCO has been asking seniors over the past few months on what they want in the new senior deck, and get as many requests in as possible.  Many Seniors are looking forward to it, and there are a lot of ideas being thrown around of what it should be like.

It’s not just the Seniors that are excited about the new Senior deck. With a huge Sophomore and Junior classes, expanding the decks will make it easier to find a place to sit during the craziness of lunch. Asuka explained, “I feel like this is going to make so much more space, because each class is so big, this will really make it a lot easier to eat, as well as just hang out, with all the extra space. It’s going to be nice.”

The Senior deck is going to be a great relief for not just Seniors, but the whole high school, as the decks have been getting more and more crowded as the years have passed. “That’s one of the main reasons we’re doing this, is to give more space for the students.” Andrew stated. “Especially with how hectic it was on the decks last year.” As construction comes to a close, and the finishing touches are added to the Senior deck, students are patiently anticipating its arrival. While it may take a while to get used to, the new deck is going to be good for everyone. “The new space will be nice. I can’t wait.”