Prep: to Study or Not?

To Study or Not

The library, meant to be quiet, is often the opposite. Although with the help of headphones, some things can get done, there is always that one group of kids. They’ll either be huddled at one table or spread out. You’d think they’d be there to do work together, but in reality all they’re doing is talking loudly, laughing, and disturbing the rest of the people around them. In that moment, you’ll re-evaluate what a library is there for, is it a social corner? Are people just here for the good WiFi? Or perhaps it’s the A/C? After a while it becomes a crisis that distracts you just as much as they did. Could it be that students don’t know what the library is for?!

With the renovation of what was once the computer lab, sleek, new and modern glass rooms have emerged. Two rooms, able to fit eight people in each, fitted with technological capabilities– no one can dismiss the fact that this is a fantastic idea. A new lounge area with beanbags and comfortable sofas are perfect for sitting around, however keeping your voice down is still expected.

“They look nice, with the table around the TV,” Syuen, ‘19 smiled. Although never having been in the rooms herself, she anticipates the day she’ll actually need to make use of it for a project or studying with a group.

Numerous students aren’t as responsible as Syuen, as many utilise the rooms to play video games and watch movies on the big screen; the opposite of what the rooms are intended for.

“The supposed soundproof room isn’t exactly soundproof, and people are usually in there gaming or being loud. [It’s] pretty impractical to be honest.” Dhabitah, ‘17 voices thinking that people should realise and respect that others need the room to discuss actual work rather than spending all of prep watching videos and distracting everyone that can see them.

On the other hand, it can be said that those playing video games etc., are just trying to relax, especially those taking the IB diploma. Although disrupting and irritating others, some sympathy can be felt for them too, perhaps this is the only time they are able to distract themselves, relax and meet friends with equally busy schedules.

“I think it’s annoying that the room isn’t actually soundproof, because we want to talk and be loud. I mean, no one intentionally wants to disturb or disrupt anyone from studying or completing assignments.” Norman, ‘17 defends. “My friends and I try to keep it down, but all we’re trying to do is hang out with A/C, the decks are too warm.”

Less and less students spend their preps on their respective decks due to the heat and haze Malaysia has recently been undergoing, leading to students spending more and more time in the library.

“A few preps ago my friend and I went to the music room and hung out there.” Temira, ‘19 said. “I mean you can go [to the library] if you need to get something done.”

In the end, anyone that doesn’t have to complete homework or study can find somewhere to go. Is the library meeting room the only choice? Can ISKL’s student body possibly ever find a happy medium in regards to library space?