New Teachers – Ms. Sheila Pontifex

Ms. Sheila Pontifex, ISKL’s new librarian, originally hails from British Columbia, Canada. Her first job was in Papua New Guinea, where her view of the world changed.  However, she decided to return to her hometown in order to take care of her parents. From there, her teaching experience started.

One of her most life-changing experiences was in Botswana, one of the poorest countries in the world. Even though volunteers in the country wanted participants to work for children, they didn’t want to train teachers because they even didn’t have school buildings for the students. As she started working, she realized that there were many children who couldn’t get into schools. She describes the hard reality she saw in the country, “We had 60 students in each room. Because there were no chairs, they sat on the cement floor. They woke up early in the morning everyday to go walking, get water, carry it on their heads and get wood for their family to cook.”

As a librarian, she has a passion for fiction books. “I tend to read the writers from South Africa, Australia and India. I love reading about people who live in other countries and have deep experiences.” For 25 years she  taught humanities and geography. Her abundant experience in many countries she visited made her more firmly as a great teacher.