New Teacher – Ms. Lisa Jensen-Hengstler

Teaching and drama and books, oh my! The high school’s English department’s newest member, Ms. Lisa Jensen-Hengstler has everlasting passions in just those areas. After her last position in Sao Paolo, Ms. Jensen-Hengstler moved with her family –including her husband in the social studies department– to Kuala Lumpur in search for a comfortable and reputable environment. They decided on ISKL “because of the level of programming and the kinds of teachers there are here, particularly for our daughter. We knew that it was a really great elementary school, we wanted to go to a very internationally focused place where there are students from around the world.”

Surprisingly, Ms. Jensen did not begin her career in teaching. Initially a drama teacher, she slowly realized her passion for literature over time. “Teaching is something I’ve been doing since I was sixteen,” she said. “I always went back to that dramaturgical analysis. Eventually, my teaching assignments morphed from mostly drama to English and I just leaned into it.” This development from drama to literature allowed her to have a new perspective when teaching IB Language and Literature. Ms. Jensen is an extremely valuable addition who will most definitely add verve to ISKL.