New Teacher – Ms. Hannah Lasenby

If you thought the pacer was hard, imagine walking a 100 kilometres for 26 long hours! Well that’s what Ms Lasenby, new high school PE and Health teacher, did in New Zealand, and she wasn’t even forced to do it! Walking is her favourite outdoor activity. Even in KL she prefers to walk, admiring the jungles and natural surroundings; completely ignoring the heat and streets crowded with cars. She also adores beaches and being anywhere near bodies of water. “My dad calls me a ‘fish’ because I love being in the sea and the pool” she says with a grin.

Unfortunately, New Zealand being “the end of the earth,” prevented Ms Lasenby from traveling before 2012, but as soon as the opportunity arose she was off to London. “As Kiwis, we have this saying called the “OE”. It’s an overseas experience.” she explains.

While staying in London she travelled to 22 European countries during the span of only two years, and afterwards she took six weeks to go through Southeast Asia. Finally, deciding that she needed to be far more centralized in order to continue her travels, she moved here to KL. Loving the different lifestyles, environments, people and food – especially food – Ms Lasenby says “travels, I think are just so good for the soul. Just makes you a better person and a more worldly person”. She has a love for what she does as a PE and Health teacher. Being rather sporty herself and having “an extreme passion for sports,” she believes “students have a positive feeling towards PE” and are enthusiastic about the subject, making it all the more fun. We can’t wait to work with Ms. Lasenby!