New Teacher – Mr. Wesley Pike

Sitting up tall and smiling, you could tell that Mr. Pike was right at home in ISKL. As a member of the math team, as well as the coach for the varsity boys basketball team, Mr. Pike can not wait to start his time here.

One of the main things Mr. Pike is looking forward to is coaching basketball. “I really enjoy sports. I like to play golf, I like to play basketball….I’m really looking forward to basketball season.” He has experience coaching in the US, as well as Abu Dhabi, and wants to bring his love for basketball to ISKL. “I’m excited about the coaching, I’m excited about the athletes that we have in our program, and I’m really looking forward to pushing them and challenging them to become the best that they can.”

While Mr. Pike has always enjoyed math, he did not think he would end up teaching as a career. “I actually started out in engineering, and I just found out that I didn’t really want to be behind a computer doing design work… I really missed people interaction in my early years of university.” After deciding he wanted to teach math, he shortly departed to Abu Dhabi and started teaching internationally, and eventually, made his way to Kuala Lumpur to start teaching at ISKL.

As well as teaching math, Mr. Pike has enjoyed his first few weeks here, and can’t wait to get to know the students and faculty, and continue teaching here for years to come.