New Teacher – Mr. Stetson Johnson

Upon meeting Mr. Johnson, the enthusiasm and joy in his aura would instantly put anyone into a good mood. His passion for “living things” were, in a sense, born with him, “I was that first grader who said I wanted to be an etymologist.” However, out of the classroom, he can be found working up a sweat in the gym. Other than just  staying fit, he says that “some people solve problems in the shower, or come up with their best ideas in the shower… I do it when I’m running or swimming.” Prior to moving to Malaysia, Mr Johnson lived in the land of beaches, the Christ Redeemer, and carnivals: Brazil. His message for anyone that wants to go to Brazil, is that they have nailed beach culture, saying that you’re well taken care of, relaxed, and you can get anything your heart desires. “You’re on a beach in Brazil, what can be better?”

As ISKL welcomes him, we hope he finds Malaysia special and will soon be saying “When you’re in the tropics of Malaysia, what can be better?”