New Teacher – Mr. Nathan Bryant

Growing up in Denver, Colorado, Mr. Bryant’s dream was travelling overseas. After going to college, Mr. Bryant did some construction work and worked as an assistant teacher at a martial arts school which he enjoyed a lot. Then, out of the blue, a charter school contacted him about possibly becoming a teacher. “I had no plan of being a teacher… they [the charter school] asked for me to be a teacher, and I had explained to them that I had no licenses” However, the charter school liked what they heard about his assistant teaching experience. He ended up teaching there for a year and a half, and absolutely loved it. “ I had about 60 different jobs before I decided to do teaching”.

After his experience in the charter school, he decided to make it official and get his teaching license (9 years ago). Since then, his dream of travelling has come true. He did a Middle East tour while living in Dubai for 2 years, Then moved to Taiwan, and finally Vietnam before coming to KL. Malaysia appealed to Mr. Bryant for its cosmopolitan feel and how diverse the people are.

The last eight years he has been working and receiving two master’s and doing some admission plus teaching work, so now that he has time, exploring KL is first on his to do list!