New Teacher – Kimberly Wilson

Kimberly Wilson’s background is as colourful as the bright fuchsia top she’s wearing. From her family, the places she’s lived, her wide range of hobbies – Ms. Wilson is not someone you would call a “boring person”. Raised in the US and Japan with her five siblings, she has been an avid violinist since the age of six. She also kayaks, sews, and enjoys musicals.

Like many of us, her life is filled with interesting stories of places she’s been to. She spent a year in India for a student exchange during high school, and has also lived in Morocco as a peace corp volunteer after college. However, she discovered her passion for teaching and science when she was a part of what she calls an outdoor school, where students venture out into the forest to learn about biology, geology, hydrology, and botany.

From then on, she got a teaching certificate, and had a goal to impact the students she taught through science. Reflecting back, she says “I have found so much that working in science gives students a chance to use their excitement and passion for whatever it is within science to help them grow up, and become the people that they are going to become.” This determination to teach her students is evident in her classes, and ISKL is very lucky to have her.