Long Loud Lunch Lines Like Jalan Tun Razak

Long Lunch Lines

When It comes to lunch, we all know as students at ISKL, that the lines for lunch are like driving down Jalan Tun Razak during rush hour in the rain at the beginning of the breaking of the fast during the holy month of ramadan. Before the students, canteen staff get ready for a wave of “hurricanes.” The first wave hits when the Middle Schoolers come for lunch, and then the hungry High Schoolers come trenching in.

All ISKL students and teachers have experienced this horror! “I have given up trying to eat lunch from Deli Delights, because I just can’t get through! There is no line, everyone is cramped up, and people could get hurt or even worse, there would be food flying everywhere!” Jessica, ‘17, says, “having no line and having people push around and shove their way to the front to pay or get their food is crazy,” she adds. At times, people have to wait two to three minutes, on a good day. At other times, they could be standing there for more than 10 minutes. It’s hard for students that have club meetings and activities that they need to get to during lunch, because lunch time is only 40 minutes long, so waiting in lines means missing the club meeting altogether or very short meetings.  For the students who are more introverted, the long lines and loud chaos of the cafeteria puts them off. This means that the more shy students who spend their lunch times in classrooms, do not eat their lunch at all, and their afternoons will drag because of their starvation.

Mr. Petersen suggested separating lunch times for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers.  This may mean reworking the schedule for both schools to separate the lunch times. This is important if the school is really trying to help students have a break, get good nutrition and relieve some stress, then standing in long, loud and crowded lines waiting for a bowl of greasy nuggets is not the answer.

The massive crowds of students and the long lines is chaos for the staff working there. “Having all these students come up and to actually see that there are a number of students who enjoy the food makes us happy,” Syakina, staff member from Deli Delights, said. “Although we are happy to serve the students, there needs to be a system on how to control the massive crowd,” she adds.

During an interview with Mr Petersen, he was asked: How can we solve the problem of long lines and the over crowdedness of students? “If we have a look at Cheeku, they have created a line system, adding more cash registers and an extra food area. The new kitchen in the indoor canteen, they created a system where kids enter from both sides and come out two ways. As it comes to Deli Delights, I see it as a coke bottle, everyone crammed in and only few can get out. Knowing about how bad the lines are and how students have to wait for over 10 minutes for food,” Mr Petersen adds on. “I can’t tell you much, but we are planning on moving the marble tables near the pool as we would have the new deck for the class of 2016, thus allowing Deli Delights to move their salad and drinks area to where the tables use to be”

Not only is the school trying to create more space for Deli Delights but to add on a satellite area in the new deck. Where students can not only eat and socialize with other students but to add on a snacking area to the new deck. The class of 2016 would surely be looking forward to that!