Balancing Act – Life:School

Balancing act

It’s the first day of school, and you’re thinking, “I’m going to do it all this year.” You may be in a club, a sport, or just doing a lot academically, but after all the late, stressful nights, getting home at 8 just to realize you have 3 hours worth of homework, you quickly realize, you can’t do it all. However, there are ways to help you do what you want to do and get the most out of your time in high school! The elusive art of ‘Time Management’. Your teachers say it all the time “Manage your time wisely”, but it seems unimaginable, impossible even. Fret not! Here are a few ways to help you do it all, and still have the time to sleep at the end of the day.

When it comes to managing time, the most important thing you must do to stay afloat is keep organized. Organize your time, your work, and even your free time to unwind and relax. Organization gives you more confidence to get things done, as well as relieves stress, as you know when to do what. Knowing when you are busy or planning on doing something allows you to schedule your work in your “prime time” or when you work best. This makes it easier to stick to your schedule. In addition to organizing your time, you also need to keep your work organized. This is a problem that a lot of students struggle with, and therefore makes it more difficult to do your work when you can’t even find it. A study carried out by 3,000 people showed that the average person spends at least ten minutes a day looking for lost items. However this can be a lot worse, and can have you looking for your homework longer than it takes you to do it, and you know how stressful that can be. Not organizing your work can have you spending extra hours on an assignment, which isn’t helpful.

In order to manage your time, you first have to figure out what your priorities are. Narrowing down your work and activities to what is most important, or which you actually want to do, is a key to helping balance them. If you choose which activities you do, you will enjoy them more, and find it easier to deal with everything else. Once you find what you want to do, focusing on shorter term priorities, such as assignments or tests, can help you manage your time. Determining what needs to be done first helps leave time for other work or activities later. Getting it done earlier frees up more time as well, which can be huge when dealing with your everyday life.

One of the easiest ways to help you manage your time, and make time for everything else going on in your life, is to simply start earlier. While you may need the occasional cram session for a test, starting your work earlier is one of the most effective ways to balance your life, leaving you time to plan your work, instead of pulling an all nighter to meet the due date the next day. This may not just help you get your work done, but do well on it as well. Know whether you want to do athletics, or music, or debate, and leave time for those things by doing your work earlier rather than after you get home at 8 pm.

Though there are no easy fixes to the occasional late night, using these three methods will help you balance school, athletics, music and whatever else you do. It is well known by students that there is a lot of work in high school, and very little time to do it, but managing your time will help you balance these activities, as well as your work, so you can do it all.