All Out, All Game, All Season

ISKL varsity boy’s volleyball has needed to take new steps into this upcoming season. In the past three years the Panthers have had a solid team; However since last year, the team has lost many key players.

The boys volleyball team is almost brand new. With only a few returning players, the squad is really looking to the new guys to step up and take possession of the court. Kian, ‘17 has been mentioned numerous times as a player that could have an impact. With his height at 6 feet 7 inches, he really stands in the way of his opponents as they try to get the ball over him. Kian is only one new weapon. There are plenty of other guys that want to make a name for themselves. “We may not be the biggest team, but we are quick to every ball,” Kian admits. New styles and adjustments have been an issue for the team as new coaching has also been introduced. Coach Merry has brought in a new style overall while Coach Grahm is trying to impliment past styles for sucess.

Captain Patrick, ‘16 and Tommy, ‘16, two senior players, gave their input on ISKL’s team. Tommy mentioned that it can be difficult to deal with coaching, especially a new coach, but the drills that he has done have been helping him work on skills to become an even better player.

With almost an entirely new group of players however, issues have come up that have been difficult to overcome. “Serve-receive has been an issue so far, and covering the open gaps between players has been a problem we are currently dealing with,” noted Tommy. A crucial problem for the team has been the lack of solid bench players.  Patrick is very much looking forward to IASAS saying, “I think we have the potential to do well and anything can really happen.”

So far the boys have been playing well, beating some solid local teams and our cross-Malaysian rival, Dalat. These games have really helped the boys get on well as a team. “These practice games have helped us work well with each other and bring us closer as a team”. Patrick finished off by saying “With enough of these games, the work will hopefully pay off.”

It has been exciting watching the team take the court as they seem to put on a show every game. Through the good and the bad, they know with practice and adjustment, they can develop and become a very powerful team on the court.  Come and support your men’s and women’s volleyball teams as they make a late season push towards IASAS.